What is a parlay, and how to place a parlay bet with Bookiebot?

What is a parlay?

A parlay, also known as a combo bet or an accumulator, is essentially a single bet comprised of bets on multiple different outcomes. Each individual outcome is referred to as a 'leg' of the parlay. The odds for the parlay are determined by multiplying the odds of each leg. This means that winning a parlay can provide a payout of substantial multiples. In order for a parlay to win, each individual leg must be won. If a single leg of the parlay loses, the entire parlay is lost. This means that parlays come with more risk than individual bets. For instance, the parlay in the above image has 11 legs. If 10 of those legs won, but 1 leg lost, the whole parlay would be a loss. However, if all 11 legs won, the bettor would enjoy an eye-popping 462x payout.

How do I place a parlay bet with Bookiebot?
Limitations, maximums, and minimums
  • Parlays on Polygon/Azuro can have maximum odds of 999x

  • Parlays on Optimism/Overtime can have a maximum of 10 legs

  • Parlays on Optimism/Overtime must be a minimum bet of $5

  • Same game parlays are not yet supported. Currently, each leg of a parlay must be from a different match

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