🤝Referral Program

With Bookiebot’s generous referral program, you don't have to be a holder or a bettor to generate earnings. See below for details.

What is the referral program?
  • Every user gets a referral link upon signup. Users can share these links, and those who sign up to Bookiebot using these links are identified as referrals.

  • 5% of the monthly revenue share is distributed to referrers on Bookiebot based on the combined volume of all their referrers. Meaning referrers on Bookiebot get a share of betting revenue and trading revenue for referring users.

  • To find your individual referral link, hit the 'Options' button on the bot's main menu, followed by the 'Information' button.

    • You can also find your referral link at the bottom of each of your bet slips.

  • If a new user uses your Copy Bet link to setup Bookiebot for the first time, this is also counted as a referral

When is referral revenue distributed each month?

Referral revenue is distributed with the rest of Bookiebot's Revenue Sharing, on the 25th of each month. It can be claimed on the claim page.

What must I do to earn revenue from the referral program?
  • It's simple, just have users sign up to Bookiebot using your referral link and generate >$100 in betting volume to be eligible to claim referral rewards.

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