🎲Quick Betting Guide

Finished the quick and easy Bookiebot setup and ready to place your first bet? Read on, and you will have your first bet placed in no time. Haven't yet set up Bookiebot? Check out the First-Time User guide for a walkthrough of the fast and simple setup process. Once you're ready to place your first bet, read on below.

First, locate Bookiebot in Telegram, or use the following link to go directly to the bot: https://t.me/BookieBot_tgbot

Pro-tip: Pin Bookiebot in your Telegram for easy access

Next, simply press the 'Proceed with Bet' button.

You can find detailed instructions on placing a Parlay bet here.

Congratulations, you have now placed your first bet! To see your bet (and to share your bet), press the 'Pending Bets' button as pictured above. You can also view your pending bets at any time by pressing the 'Bet History' button on the Main Menu, followed by the 'Pending Bets' button.

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